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Meet Dr. Dietz, DC

My Story

As a young adult, I suffered a broken collar bone injury, and experienced severe
pain and discomfort, when a family friend who was attending Chiropractic College
suggested I try massage therapy and Chiropractic. I was fascinated with the
healing art of combining massage therapy with the skilled techniques of
Chiropractic that brought amazing results and relief to my condition.
From that personal experience, I was inspired to pursue a career in Chiropractic,
and attended Cleveland University of Los Angeles, graduating with a Bachelor’s
Degree in Human Biology and Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1989. I began
working as an Associate Doctor of Chiropractic, followed by opening my own
practice in Southern California. In 2005, my family moved to Oregon, where I
passed the Oregon Board of Chiropractic exam in 2006. I have 35 years of
experience treating patients with dual licensing in both states.
I have been combining deep tissue massage with Chiropractic to help patients
achieve the ultimate healing qualities of both! Patients have found the same
amazing relief and results as I did before I decided to become a Chiropractor! I
find it truly gratifying when patients tell me how much better they feel after their
I have had the pleasure of working alongside my wonderful colleagues at Valley
Chiropractic for almost two years, as we all have the same goal of quality patient
Outside of working at the clinic, I enjoy music and play the guitar. My wife and I
have two sons in college, and two dogs: Buster and Bongo.

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